Here Are 3 Top-Ranking Multichannel E-Commerce Platforms to Consider in 2019 And Beyond

No doubt. Choosing a multichannel e-commerce platform is a mind-boggling issue.  With the rising competitiveness in the virtual arena, e-commerce is transforming. Selling through a single platform is no longer a valuable point.

It is due to this reason you need to find ways of casting your nets wide. Having the ability to poach customers from your competitors’ yard is a good idea. However, it does not come naturally. You need to come up with well-thought strategies and tactics. However, this is in vain if you do not have the right multichannel e-commerce solution. If you are searching for one, here are the 3 top ranking platforms to consider:

Shopify – the kingmaker in the e-commerce field

Are you having a dream of establishing an online business empire? If so, you need a platform that supports your dream. Shopify is the best idea. The platform is a house for online stores. Also, Shopify offers you great features that are innovative. It has functionalities that boost your multichannel selling. Again, it integrates well with multiple channels such as Amazon, Facebook, eBay, and apps. The good aspect about Shopify that it enables you to sell at any point. With Shopify, you can transform every meeting point into a point of sale. This way, you can reach out to many customers at their preferred buying point and help them to purchase at their convenience.

Magento – the number one open source platform

Do you love web designing freedom? You want to develop a unique e-commerce website. As you know, uniqueness is the key to winning the online competition. However, for you to realize the uniqueness goal, you need to have access to the backend codes. Magento realizes your needs. It provides you with an open source multichannel e-commerce platform.

With it, you can design a website that meets your customer desires and business needs. Also, it enhances your multichannel selling dream. You can integrate your online store with a number of marketplaces, social platforms, or sell through mobile phones. Due to the opensource aspect, you do not have any limitations in designing a customer magnet website and offering them the best experience. Hence, Magento is a reliable platform when freedom is your priority.


Apart from Shopify and Magento, BigCommerce is the next multichannel e-commerce platform to consider. This platform comes with great features and integration capabilities. Also, it helps you to save as you do not pay transactional fees. Hence, it is a good option for realizing your dream of selling across multiple channels.